IRS Offers Free State Sales Tax Deduction Calculator

If you itemize your deductions, you may be in for a windfall on this years tax. Yep, Congress has renewed the optional sales tax deduction. Of course, you have to figure it out. If you itemize your tax deductions, you already know that you can claim a deduction for the total state income taxes you paid during the year. Depending on your state, that can [...]

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How Are Online Sales Taxed?

Sales and use tax rates can be confusing concepts for new and growing merchants on the internet, especially if they are on their very first e-commerce venture. But here is [...]

Paying Online Sales Tax Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Almost all tax payers would say that the process of paying taxes is one of the most tedious and less-liked activities that they can imagine and paying sales tax for an online [...]

How to Quickly Calculate Sales Tax

In the store, you will often see people pull out a calculator as they try to determine what the sales tax will be on an item. However, if you do not have a calculator or wish [...]